Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:
 the use

The VIR app is the property of VIR Clothing, Fashion, Gifts and Accessories (one-person company) based in Kuwait. It is a company that operates under the laws of the State of Kuwait.
The terms and conditions may be modified or changed at any time
By viewing the application or upon completing the purchase process, you, as a customer / visitor / user, acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions listed below, including any modification to them.
These pages, their contents, and online purchase services are the property of VIR Fashion, Apparel, Gifts and Accessories (one-person company), which operates and manages the site and is available for your use according to the terms below.
And since the following terms and conditions can be modified or changed in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice,
You should visit this page periodically to review the terms and conditions so that you are aware of any amendment to them.
Your use of the website after making these changes constitutes your acceptance of the new terms and conditions.
In the event that you do not agree to be bound by these terms and conditions at the present time, or in the future, you must not use or continue to use the site.
User responsibilities
During the use of the VIR application the user accepts and acknowledges the following:
- That the information contained in the registration form is correct, provided that this information is required. The member is solely responsible for any losses that may arise from any wrong information or insufficient information, for example forgetting the password.
- The member is solely responsible for all personal data that he mentions while using the VIR application, as well as for all files uploaded to VIR and personal information sent.
VIR will not be responsible in any way for these unauthorized files or in any way other than that specified via VIR and not to change the software in any way and compensate VIR for all material and moral losses in the event that the member does not adhere to the above-mentioned materials and will not be VIR Responsible for any damages that may arise from reading the data belonging to any members by unauthorized individuals.
- The member must not send any threatening, immoral, racist, or contrary to the laws of the State of Kuwait and international agreements.
- Any correspondence or addresses of pseudonyms must not be contrary to regulations, public morals, good behavior and laws, and the user is obligated not to harass or threaten other users, or any of the customer service employees of Dar E and not to act in a way that affects the use of services by other users And not to send, print, distribute or circulate any immoral, inappropriate and illegal materials or information that may cause harm to the names of any people or institutions, or to advertise, sell, or offer any products or services.
- The user is obligated not to participate in any harmful acts such as scanning, competition, or chain letters and not to send any information or programs that may harm the information or software on other users' devices and all records or materials obtained by using the services of VIR shall be within the user’s consent, and the user will be responsible for any damages, loss of information, or any other losses resulting from that for the user’s computer. The user is not entitled to claim compensation for any losses arising from the use of the service, and he shall not use VIR for any purposes. Commercial or advertising without Veer's approval.
* VIR May monitor all systems at any time and continuously
* VIR may use its system for commercial purposes
- The user is obligated not to send any information by e-mail that may be prohibited legally or to distribute any unauthorized messages sent such as serial mail messages and malware ... etc., and not to record or misuse any personal information belonging to others and that the member himself Responsible for all kinds of actions taken under the username.
Members are required to pay the service fee for which they (products) are requested, otherwise it will not be delivered.
- The user undertakes not to access the site or services using a third-party account / registration without the explicit consent of the account holder, not to use the site for illegal purposes, not to commit any violating actions on the site or in relation to the content on the site, and not to use The site to carry out any commercial activities not authorized to do so by VIR, and not to copy any content or restrict the content of the service rules, reviews, etc. ...

Goods are delivered within the State of Kuwait to the address mentioned in the order within a period ranging between 24 hours.
Return and exchange policy
The user has the right to replace or retrieve the commodity and obtain the full amount paid within fourteen days from the date of purchase, provided that the commodity is as it was in the case of purchase only, and that by reviewing the supplier or store from which the product was purchased
The application is not responsible for the exchange, as each place has its own conditions for return and exchange‏ 
  payment methods
1. The end customer can choose between the payment method on the Veer app, which is as follows:
* Withdrawal to (KNET)
* Credit cards
2. Veer has the right to provide any other payment method that is not currently available or to withhold any available payment methods.
3. In the case of automatic payment, the customer is obligated to choose one of the available payment methods upon request, as online payments will be handled by online payment service providers.
4. The customer is always obligated to ensure that the balance is sufficient to pay the value of the product before making the order. The customer is also obligated to use the card within the permitted credit limit. The customer is also obligated not to engage in unauthorized refunds.
Governing law
The terms of this application (VIR) are governed by Kuwaiti law, and disputes arising in connection with the terms of the above articles (including contractual disputes) shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.
In the event that any part of the present terms of use is deemed illegal, void or unenforceable for any reason, then this provision will be deemed separable from the terms of the present provisions and it does not affect the validity and enforceability of any of the remaining provisions of the present terms of use and no waiver will be interpreted. On our part as a waiver of any breach of any provision.
Customer compensation
VIR shall compensate the customer if the goods are damaged, such as a breakage, by returning the full amount or replacing the item as desired by the customer.
The information, products, content and materials available through our site (VIR), whether provided through us or through our partners or a third party, are presented as is, and the product or commodity required matches the description and picture in the application, and we (VIR) always aspire to present the goods in the best condition. To obtain customer satisfaction.